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Tape- In Extensions vary in price and length,  p ricing. will be dependant on length and number of packages needed. A quote will be provided at consultation.
Preperation for Extension Appointment:

We ask that you come with hair that has been washed, blow dried and straightened for best results in the alotted scheduled appointment. If hair needs to be prepped for the appointment  there will be an additional charge for the service. 

Extension Mainanence

Depending on the state of your hair and extensions, an assesment will be done to determine what steps should be taken for the best re-installation. The goal is to preserve the extensions for as long as possible. Most extension hair can be re-used, depending on the quality of the hair. Keeping the clients integrity of hair healthy, is also essential to extension maintanence. It is recommended to use professional sulfate free products in alignment with your hair regime for the best results with Extensions. These products can be obtained at your appointment.

Tape-In Extension Maintanence

Maintenance is usually done every 5-7 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. We recommend all extensions are removed professionally, otherwise your hair can be seriously damaged by a non-professional removal. It is recommended to remove all extensions then re-installing hair with new adhesive. A maintanence appointment runs around 1.5 -2 hours depending on how many pieces of hair need to be re-inserted. If hair is not properly maintained proir to removal and time has to be alotted for removing matted and unkept extensions, an additional charge will be applied to the appointment.

*Consultation appointments are recommended in order to accurately assess the clients desired results*

**Please note that there is a deposit required for the purchase of extension hair, price varies according to hair**

***All Hair Extension purchases are Non-refundable***